Mother 3 to be "finished at any cost"

[07.12.00] » Nintendo's quirky RPG franchise won't be going away any time soon... at least in Japan.

    During a recent interview with Core Magazine, Mr. Iwata, Director of HAL's internal R&D division, commented on the status of their long delayed RPG project for Nintendo - Mother 3. The Nintendo second-party has been responsible for such best-sellers as Pokémon Snap and Super Smash Brothers, and Mother 3 stands as their last remaining N64 project. While he couldn't give a solid release date yet, Iwata-san described Mother 3 as "a project that must be finished at any cost."

    During this past E3, the GIA asked Nintendo about a U.S. release for the game, but neither President Minoru Arakawa or even master game designer Shigeru Miyamoto had an answer. Even if a localization decision hasn't been made yet, this is certainly good news for fans of the offbeat RPG series. The entire interview can be found here.

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Mother 3
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