Parallel Universe   Archives
July - December 1999
Date Title Game Author Genre
08.04.99 The Heart of a Dragoon Final Fantasy IV Andrea Hartmann Serious
08.04.99 Blue and Green Final Fantasy VII Fritz Fraundorf Comic
08.04.99 Whistle in the Wind Final Fantasy Tactics Tamzen Marie Baker Serious
08.04.99 Underside Final Fantasy VII Nich Maragos Serious
08.15.99 The Duray Papers Final Fantasy Tactics Jonathan Weng Comic
08.15.99 Blood of the Earth Final Fantasy VII H.L. Serious
08.15.99 Miluda Final Fantasy Tactics H.L. Serious
08.15.99 Proposition Final Fantasy Tactics Roger Ostrander Comic
09.12.99 Home Xenogears Matthew Schuele Serious
09.12.99 Synthetic Self Final Fantasy VII Reeve Serious
09.12.99 Mahanon Xenogears Roger Ostrander Serious
09.19.99 A Trip to the Lake Breath of Fire 3 Bubbawheat Serious
09.19.99 A Night At the Alley Final Fantasy VII Imp Mayhem Comic
09.19.99 The Engineer's Children Final Fantasy IV Steve Curtis Serious
09.23.99 Best Friends Final Fantasy VII Janus of Zeal Serious
09.23.99 Violent if the Word for Kirkis Suikoden Frederick Delles Comic
09.23.99 Dirt Angels Final Fantasy VII Matthew Schuele Serious
10.03.99 Drive Xenogears Lisa Serious
10.03.99 Bloody Excrement Final Fantasy Tactics H.L. Serious
10.03.99 In the Pale Light Xenogears H.L. Serious
11.22.99 If It Doesn't Kill You Final Fantasy VIII Nik Serious
11.22.99 The Greater Enemy Final Fantasy VII/VIII David Solomon Comic
11.22.99 Catspaw Final Fantasy VI Amanda Swiftgold Serious
11.22.99 Eleusus's Choice Final Fantasy VII Sydney Kyle Serious
11.22.99 Eternity Lost Suikoden Chris Vogel Serious
11.22.99 The Fading Jewel Xenogears Chad Harger Serious
12.05.99 AHBL Final Fantasy VII Oddbrain Comic
12.05.99 A Final Fantasy Christmas Final Fantasy VII Fritz Fraundorf Comic
12.05.99 A Game of Cards Final Fantasy VIII Andrea Hartmann Serious
12.12.99 Nothing Else Matters Final Fantasy VI Vechnij Sokolov Poem
12.12.99 Under Arrest Final Fantasy VII Lee Comic
12.12.99 Writer Lover Loser Star Ocean 2 Nik Serious
12.12.99 The, Like Us Final Fantasy Tactics Saki Wright Serious
12.12.99 I Feel Nothing Final Fantasy VI Loa Serious
12.22.99 A Garden Variety Story Final Fantasy VIII Bryan A. English Serious
12.22.99 Rei & Momo: Who's On First? Star Ocean 2 Fred Delles Comic
12.22.99 His Father's Eyes Final Fantasy VIII Alicia Hutchinson Serious
12.22.99 It's A Wonderful Lifestream Final Fantasy VII/VIII Fritz Fraundorf Comic
12.22.99 The Warrior's Tale Star Ocean 2 James Mitchell Serious
12.22.99 Echoes Final Fantasy VII Loa Serious
12.22.99 The End of Normal Life Final Fantasy VII David Solomon Comic
12.29.99 The Truth Is Final Fantasy VI Nik Poem
12.29.99 Happy Birthday Final Fantasy VII Kristina Delgado Serious
12.29.99 The Art of Living Forever Final Fantasy VIII Matthew Schuele Serious
12.29.99 Fear Final Fantasy VI Amber Berebitsky Serious
12.29.99 Music of a Thousand Voices Final Fantasy VI Loa Serious
12.29.99 Eye of the Esper Final Fantasy VII Aeris32 Serious
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