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June 2000
06.30.00 More Japanese Dreamcast release dates announced
06.30.00 Eternal Arcadia limited edition announced
06.29.00 Lunar 2 demo early impressions
06.29.00 Weekly Famitsu rates Final Fantasy IX
06.29.00 Eternal Arcadia gets a Japanese date, price
06.27.00 Final Fantasy IX OSV price and release date
06.26.00 Miyamoto cuts the wait time for a Zelda game on the Dolphin
06.23.00 Famitsu PS rates FFIX
06.23.00 New use found for Samba de Amigo maracas, Seaman microphone
06.23.00 Weekly Famitsu tackles the latest Japanese games
06.22.00 Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana reach Canada
06.21.00 Eternal Arcadia no longer Eternal
06.18.00 Rhapsody delayed to July
06.18.00 Evolution 2 to include Grandia 2 music sampler
06.18.00 GIA infiltrates Perfect Dark
06.15.00 Nintendo ships 100,000,000th Game Boy
06.15.00 Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve II get specific dates
06.14.00 Canadian Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana release update
06.14.00 RPG Maker delayed
06.13.00 Legend of Dragoon modchip protection bypass codes
06.12.00 TVDJ gets a release date, price
06.12.00 Super Mario RPG 2 gets yet another name, release date
06.11.00 SNK of America closes its doors
06.09.00 Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer video announced
06.08.00 Ex-Secret of Mana developers join Nintendo
06.08.00 PlayStation 2 hard drive unveiled
06.08.00 Sony confirms PS one
06.06.00 Details of Square's Millennium Collection
06.06.00 launches
06.06.00 Final Fantasy IX character quotes
06.05.00 Monster Rancher in development for PlayStation 2
06.05.00 Rhapsody goes gold
06.05.00 Legend of Mana to ship tomorrow
06.05.00 Final Fantasy IX preorder campaign kicks off
06.04.00 Canada's Vagrant Story woes
06.04.00 Final Fantasy IX character details
06.04.00 Nintendo's Dolphin and Game Boy Advance systems ready to go?
06.02.00 Vanguard Bandits, Lunar 2 delayed
06.02.00 Resident Evil Zero to be ported to Game Boy Advance?
06.01.00 First Suikogaiden information revealed
06.01.00 Metal Gear Solid 2 to link with Game Boy Color
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