Eternal Arcadia limited edition announced

[06.30.00] » Sega follows up the game's release date announcement with more information.

   A mere day after the announcement of Eternal Arcadia's Japanese release date, Sega has released more information on their first traditional Dreamcast RPG. The game will be spread out over 2 GD-ROMs, making it the largest RPG on the Dreamcast to date. Also, giving in to recent "Deluxe Box" trends, the Japanese release will be available in either a normal 6800 yen release or a 9800 yen limited edition. While the contents of the limited edition have yet to be announced, the price point suggests that it will a rather nice box set.

   Look for more on Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia in the US) as the September 14 release date draws nearer.

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Skies of Arcadia
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