12.12.01 European Shenmue II available for preorder at
   Not even Electronics Boutique can escape the lure of foreign sailors.
11.09.01 Shenmue III in development
   Not even Electronics Boutique can escape the lure of foreign sailors.
11.02.01 Sega issues apology regarding Dreamcast Shenmue II cancellation
   Just when you thought they didn't care.
10.12.01 TGS: Shenmue II announced for Xbox, US Dreamcast version cancelled
   Do you like my hat? It's made of MONEY!
09.09.01 Shenmue II impressions, media
   Excuse me. I'm looking for Shenmue II impressions and screenshots - do you know where they usually hang out?
09.05.01 Shenmue II US release information
   A new release date and subtitles for Yu Suzuki's massive sequel.
06.07.01 Shenmue II release date
   Part 2 of Yu Suzuki's epic set to arrive this September in Japan.
05.25.01 New Dreamcast release dates
   Find out when to expect Phantasy Star Online ver. 2, Bomberman Online, Shenmue II and ToeJam & Earl 3 in North America.
05.16.01 Programming on Shenmue II finished
   The continuation of Ryo's journey grows near.
04.17.01 More on Shenmue II
   Yu Suzuki shows off the second volume of his epic at Sega's Game Jam.
01.31.01 Shenmue II gets North American release date
   Dreamcast sequel to ship in November.
01.26.01 New Shenmue II character details
   Three sultry sirens join Shenmue II ranks. (Shenmue spoilers included.)
01.21.01 New Shenmue II details, screens
   Shenmue II details surface. (Shenmue spoilers included.)
10.05.00 Shenmue 2 in trouble?
   With troubles plaguing developer AM2 and Sega's webpage mum, the future of Yu Suzuki's second gift looks grim.
06.03.99 Shen Mue delayed
   Both chapters' release dates slide in Japan, but Sega aims to keep consumers' interest with promotional campaigns.
04.28.99 Shen Mue Chapter 2 set for December
    Japanese gamers can expect the second installment of Yu Suzuku's epic at the end of 1999.
03.19.99 TGS: Shen Mue split into two games
    Yu Suzuki's Dreamcast epic will be released in two separate chapters.
Shenmue II