Sega issues apology regarding Dreamcast Shenmue II cancellation

[11.02.01] » Just when you thought they didn't care.

    Sega recently posted a public apology for its decision to cancel the North American Dreamcast version of Shenmue II. In his letter to Sega's fans, Sega of America President/CEO Peter Moore explained that the title was cancelled due to Sega's restructuring from a hardware-based company to a software company. He also said that though the decision was a difficult one, the decision basically was done for Sega's continued longevity.

    Shenmue II will be released in the U.S. on the Xbox, though those adamant about playing the game on Sega's late system can import either the already-released Japanese version, or wait and try to play the European PAL version, which is still on track for release.

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Shenmue II
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