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November 2001
11.30.01 Dragon Quest IV remake hands-on impressions
11.30.01 Space Channel 5 Part 2 release date
11.29.01 Release dates set for Hoshigami, Wizardry
11.29.01 Monster Rancher Advance and Tsugunai ship
11.28.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 hits the 1.8 million mark
11.28.01 Square announces Final Fantasy X release date, Consumer Demo Day
11.27.01 Square CEO steps down as result of movie losses
11.23.01 Pikmin 2 possibly in development
11.22.01 Rez and Trance Vibrator hands-on impressions
11.21.01 Square adds to PSOne Books series
11.21.01 Metal Gear Solid series to live on
11.21.01 Final Fantasy X U.S. release date, official website
11.21.01 Final Fantasy XI website launches
11.20.01 Final Fantasy X to see limited release before Christmas
11.19.01 Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII set for Spring release
11.19.01 More Kingdom Hearts details
11.18.01 Final Fantasy X demo coming soon
11.14.01 More Shining Soul details
11.13.01 Metal Gear Solid 2 European release date set
11.13.01 Dragon Quest VIII to possibly be online
11.13.01 Star Ocean 3 release date confirmed
11.12.01 More information on Resident Evil remake revealed
11.12.01 GIA shirts now available
11.11.01 Suikoden III delayed
11.11.01 Final Fantasy orchestral performance planned
11.11.01 More details on PlayOnline online adapter
11.09.01 Shenmue III in development
11.09.01 Final Fantasy X International due in Japan
11.09.01 First Lunar: Legend details
11.09.01 Xenosaga confirmed for U.S. release
11.08.01 Bleemcast! for Metal Gear Solid impressions
11.07.01 Full Frequency song list revealed
11.07.01 Lunar: Silver Star Story coming to GameBoy Advance
11.07.01 Activision to publish Hundred Swords in U.S.
11.05.01 Interview with Yasumi Matsuno
11.04.01 Square's PlayOnline modem revealed
11.02.01 Sega issues apology regarding Dreamcast Shenmue II cancellation
11.02.01 Sega and Namco aid in founding of new company
11.02.01 Eternal Darkness film contest
11.02.01 Dragon Warrior VII released in North America
11.01.01 Growlanser III Japanese release date set
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