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July 2001
07.30.01 RUNE publisher revealed
07.30.01 Fire Emblem GBA receives name change
07.29.01 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD street date revealed
07.27.01 New Symphony of the Night-style Castlevania title in the works
07.27.01 First Sansara Naga details
07.27.01 Saiyuki pushed back
07.27.01 New Devil May Cry details, screens
07.26.01 Legend of Legaia II renamed
07.26.01 Nintendo announces list of games shown at Spaceworld 2001
07.25.01 Amano artwork extravaganza
07.24.01 Final Fantasy X closes in on 2 million sales
07.24.01 Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 to support broadband
07.24.01 Konami announces Dance Dance Revolution's North American future
07.22.01 Final Fantasy X full impressions
07.20.01 Retro Studios' Raven Blade cancelled
07.20.01 Final Fantasy X American / European release details
07.19.01 Final Fantasy Tactics and guide release, price set
07.05.01 Monster Rancher 3 release date, preorder info
07.18.01 Final Fantasy XI trailer, screenshots released
07.18.01 Final Fantasy X impressions, additional game details
07.16.01 Sega announces Phantasy Star Online ver. 2 release date, pricing
07.16.01 Offical English Hoshigami website launched
07.13.01 First Shin Megami Tensei II PSOne details, screens
07.13.01 PlayOnline launches countdown timer to Final Fantasy X's release
07.10.01 Z.O.E and Sakura Wars anime U.S. bound
07.10.01 Tetsuya Mizuguchi interview
07.08.01 New Xenosaga screens, info
07.07.01 Black / Matrix II announced
07.05.01 Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger soundtracks to see American release
07.05.01 Japanese MGS2 release delayed to December
07.04.01 PlayStation 2 hard drive Japanese date, software support confirmed
07.04.01 Square announces The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy
07.04.01 New Chrono game in the works
07.03.01 Silent Hill 2 Xbox renamed
07.03.01 Additional Final Fantasy X details
07.03.01 Silent Hill 2 Japanese release date
07.03.01 Z.O.E 2173 Testament title confirmed
07.01.01 Final Fantasy X OST tracklist released
07.01.01 Square board of directors interview
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