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October 2000
10.31.00 Square plans FF IX marketing, merchandizing blitz
10.28.00 WildCard gets release date
10.28.00 Sega cans Phantasy Star Online limited edition
10.27.00 FF IX North American OST track listing
10.27.00 Enix confirms Torneko: The Last Hope release date
10.24.00 Nintendo announces new release dates
10.24.00 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask released early
10.23.00 Square confirms Final Fantasy IX release date
10.23.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver smash sales records
10.19.00 Lunar 2 status update
10.19.00 Dragon Quest VII to be censored for U.S. release?
10.18.00 Square confirmed as Xbox developer
10.15.00 THQ announces Tetris titles for next-gen systems
10.14.00 Square Millennium Collection still on track
10.14.00 Shenmue pre-order details
10.14.00 First King's Field IV movies
10.13.00 Interview with Game Freak
10.12.00 Front Mission coming to the WonderSwan Color
10.12.00 Seamus Blackley talks Xbox
10.12.00 Seamus Blackley talks Xbox
10.12.00 Sega giving away copies of Eternal Arcadia
10.11.00 Final Fantasy Movie gains subtitle
10.11.00 Resident Evil 2 & 3, Dino Crisis headed to Dreamcast
10.10.00 December Japanese release schedule revealed
10.10.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver to ship early?
10.10.00 Digicube announces new Final Fantasy IX soundtrack disc
10.08.00 Final Fantasy IX Consumer Demo Day impressions
10.07.00 Dragon Warrior III GBC gets a release date
10.05.00 Shenmue 2 drops from sight
10.05.00 Square Millennium Collection in trouble?
10.04.00 Complete English Pokédex revealed
10.04.00 Final Fantasy IX U.S. soundtrack revealed
10.04.00 Softmax confirms Rhapsody of Zephyr for Dreamcast
10.04.00 Skies of Arcadia hands-on impressions
10.04.00 Pokémon Stadium Gold/Silver/Crystal gets a release date
10.03.00 Lufia: The Legend Returns delayed
10.03.00 Sakura Taisen 3 delayed
10.01.00 Fire Emblem 64 officially canceled
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