Dragon Warrior III GBC gets a release date

[10.07.00] » Enix sets up the clash of the portable titans in Japan this December.

    Enix has announced they will be releasing their Gameboy Color port of the venerable Dragon Warrior III on December 8 in Japan, only a day after Square launches their own remake of the first Final Fantasy on the WonderSwan Color. As previously reported, Enix's port is based upon the 1996 SFC remake of the Dragon Warrior III and will carry over its enhanced graphics and gameplay elements. In addition, Enix has added in a Pokémon-esque Monster Coin feature, which allows players to collect and trade 150 coins captured from the game's monsters.

   Though no US date has been announced, Enix is likely keeping an eye on sales of the recent American release of Dragon Warrior I&II before it makes a decision. In the meantime, Enix has released 7 new screenshots of the Japanese version to whet our appetites.

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