Dragon Quest III announced for Game Boy Color

[09.20.00] » The SNES port of the NES original arrives on the GBC. Whew.

    Over a dozen years since Dragon Quest III (Dragon Warrior III in the US) was released on the 8-bit Nintendo, Enix has announced that the game will see a third incarnation on the Gameboy Color. Based off the Japanese-only 1996 Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) version of the game, the GBC version will include the SNES port's enhanced graphics, mini-games, and quiz to determine the hero's attributes. A new "Monster Coin" feature is also included, allowing gamers to trade 150 different coins which can be obtained from killing monsters. Gotta catch 'em all!

    A release date has yet to be announced, but expect more information from this weekend's Tokyo Game Show. There has been no mention of a release outside of Japan, but given the recent release of Dragon Warrior I-II for the GBC, there is a good chance that Enix of America will release this game as well. For more information on the original U.S. title, check out the GIA's recent Dragon Warrior III vault.

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