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February 2000
02.29.00 Misadventures of Tron Bonne to include Mega Man Legends 2 demo
02.28.00 Chase the Express renamed, confirmed for U.S. release
02.28.00 Silent Hill and Metal Gear sequels to appear on PlayStation 2
02.28.00 Ogre Battle 64: Persons of Lordly Caliber delayed
02.27.00 Soul Reaver sequel announced
02.27.00 GIA forced into gladitorial combat with other RPG sites
02.27.00 Chase the Express U.S. bound?
02.26.00 Project Majestic Mix sample MP3s released
02.26.00 Fear Effect first impressions
02.25.00 Grandia 2, Phantasy Star Online, and Eternal Arcadia to make appearences at TGS
02.23.00 The GIA Message Boards return
02.22.00 Chu Chu Rocket to retail for $30
02.22.00 Playstation Festival 2000 impressions - PS2 Packaging
02.22.00 Playstation Festival 2000 impressions - Eternal Ring
02.19.00 Playstation Festival 2000 promotional materials
02.19.00 Playstation Festival 2000 impressions
02.18.00 Soundtrack CD, Japanese songs to be included in U.S. version of Rhapsody
02.18.00 Sakaguchi discusses Final Fantasy IX, X, XI
02.17.00 SaGa Frontier II released
02.16.00 SaGa Frontier II released
02.10.00 Eternal Ring to include analog button support
02.10.00 Breath of Fire IV Japanese release date
02.10.00 Square announces online SaGa Frontier II contest
02.10.00 Working Designs post Vanguard Bandits movie
02.09.00 Breath of Fire IV U.S. bound
02.09.00 Fear Effect goes gold
02.09.00 Monolith Soft gearing up for "Project X"
02.09.00 Final Fantasy IX plot to include crystals
02.08.00 Pokémon Stadium update
02.08.00 More on Square's PlayOnline network
02.07.00 Yu Suzuki loves Cantonese children of the 21st century best
02.07.00 Space Channel 5 will arrive in the United States this May
02.04.00 Chu Chu Rocket online demo
02.03.00 Maken X release date
02.03.00 Dino Crisis GBC announced
02.03.00 First-person mode confirmed for inclusion in Code Veronica
02.03.00 Famitsu awards perfect score to Vagrant Story
02.03.00 Nintendo plans Pokémon Movie-themed Game Boy
02.03.00 Front Mission 3 release date
02.03.00 More on Pokémon Stadium
02.01.00 Final Fantasy IX trailer analysis
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