Double Agent
December 1999
12.30.99 This thing that we are calling art
12.29.99 No column
12.28.99 The best of the rest
12.27.99 Getting progressive on your ass
12.26.99 No column
12.25.99 You'll shoot your eye out!
12.24.99 A parasitic Christmas Eve
12.23.99 No column
12.22.99 Mark danced crazy!
12.21.99 No column
12.20.99 No column
12.19.99 The most wonderful time of the freaking year
12.18.99 No column
12.17.99 No column
12.16.99 No column
12.15.99 Guess who?
12.14.99 The return
12.13.99 No column
12.12.99 No column
12.11.99 No column
12.10.99 No column
12.09.99 No column
12.08.99 No column
12.07.99 The imitator and the innovators
12.06.99 Atop my high horse once again
12.05.99 The past was a long time ago
12.04.99 The hills are alive
12.03.99 Rants make for interesting reading
12.02.99 Xenogears and other stuff
12.01.99 We're surrounded by excuses
Double Agent
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