11.07.01 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete to be rereleased
   New edition gives the fans their due.
11.07.01 Lunar: Silver Star Story coming to GameBoy Advance
   Because three versions just weren't enough.
10.13.99 Lunar to be pulled from shelves December 31
   If the world is still around after New Year's Eve, Lunar: Silver Star Story won't be.
05.28.99 Completely unprecedented Lunar: SSS delay
   Shipping delays mean retail shipments of Lunar: Silver Star Story won't start arriving until mid-next week.
05.28.99 Lunar: SSS demo bug
   Planning to use your saved game from the Lunar demo in the final, purchased version? Read the following to avoid a major glitch.
05.27.99 Lunar: Silver Star Story released
   Believe it or not: most major videogame retailers expect to have Working Designs' Lunar: SSS in stores by tomorrow, while a lucky few have already received the game. Reader reactions included.
05.01.99 Lunar completes approval
   Working Designs' long awaited RPG is scheduled to ship later this month.
04.29.99 Lunar release date correction
   New information reveals Lunar fans may not have to wait past May for Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete after all.
04.16.99 Lunar demo pushed back
   Working Designs announces its eagerly anticipated demo will be available in just a few days.
04.08.99 Lunar demo pushed back
   Fans eager to get their hands on the highly anticipated demo of Lunar: Silver Star Story have an extra week to wait. (Surprise.)
04.05.99 Lunar: Silver Star Story demo update
   In addition to various promotional announcements, Working Designs reveals that the retail demo of their highly anticipated RPG should arrive shortly.
03.24.99 More Lunar demo details released
   The playable demo of Working Designs' highly-anticipated RPG will arrive in consumers' hands during the first week of April.
03.17.99 Lunar and Shadow Madness demos soon available
   For reserving either game at EB, Babbage's or Software Etc., you'll receive a sample of your impending purchase.
02.28.99 Lunar: SSS adds two-player support
   The PlayStation remake of Working Designs' Sega CD RPG classic will allow a second player to join in.
01.18.99 EB World amends Lunar release date... again
   EB World changes its listing of Lunar: Silver Star Story's release date to March. The waiting game continues.
01.07.99 EB World amends Lunar release date
   Still officially scheduled for a first quarter 1999 release, EB World now slots Lunar : Silver Star Story in February.
11.24.98 Lunar pushed back until 1999
   Don't expect to see Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete in time for Christmas...
Lunar : Silver Star Story