05.23.01E3: Dragon Warrior VII impressions
    Can Enix replicate Japanese success in the U.S.?
04.26.01Dragon Warrior VII translation really official now
    First English screenshots and localization details.
04.26.01Dragon Warrior VII pretty much confirmed by this point
    RPG fans feign surprise.
04.07.01Enix continues Dragon Quest VII teasers
    New web intros begin to spell out a message.
03.08.01Dragon Quest VII still coming to America
    Enix's US website gives a not-so-subtle hint at the game's imminent arrival.
10.19.00Dragon Quest VII to be censored for U.S. release?
    A U.S. release is confirmed, but "strong religious content" rears its controversial head again.
09.07.00Famitsu rates Dragon Quest VII
    Judgement has been passed.
09.02.00First Dragon Quest VII reviews
    No definitive word just yet.
08.30.00Dragon Quest VII impressions
    Initial thoughts on Enix's money-printing license.
05.11.00E3: Dragon Quest VII impressions.
    Enix's oft-delayed RPG appears in video form only.
05.11.00Dragon Quest VII delayed...
01.26.00Dragon Quest VII delayed until May
    Enix pushes back the next Dragon Quest title again without explanation, while Square maintains a pre-summer date for Final Fantasy IX.
10.18.99Dragon Quest VII loses release date
    December 29th release changed to "Winter."
10.18.99Dragon Quest VII still due out in 1999
    Enix squelches rumors of another DQ VII delay.
05.10.99Dragon Quest VII delayed (again)
    March 2000. No, really.
05.01.99Dragon Quest VII delayed
03.17.99TGS: Dragon Quest 7 release date
    The long-awaited seventh chapter of Dragon Quest finally gets a release date: August 26th.
02.16.99Dragon Quest 7 delayed until fall
    Enix's highly-anticipated RPG receives yet another delay in Japan.
Dragon Warrior VII