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September 2000
09.30.00 Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber receives final release date
09.30.00 Capcom offers Mega Man Legends 2 pre-order bonus
09.30.00 Phantasy Star Online trial version announced
09.29.00 Pokémon Gold and Silver breaks 600,000 preorders
09.28.00 The Best of Final Fantasy 1994 - 1999: A Tribute impressions
09.28.00 Famitsu rates Eternal Arcadia
09.28.00 Metal Gear Solid X confirmed as XBox launch title
09.26.00 Parasite Eve II debuts in Top 10
09.26.00 Phantasy Star Online worldwide release dates set
09.26.00 Kessen confirmed as launch title
09.25.00 Electronics Boutique offers free Ogre Battle 64
09.25.00 Z.O.E to include playable Metal Gear Solid 2 demo
09.25.00 Paper Mario delayed
09.25.00 Onimusha receives another Japanese ship date
09.25.00 Samba de Amigo ver.2000 comes to Dreamcast
09.24.00 Final Fantasy tribute CD announced
09.22.00 Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill confirmed for Xbox
09.22.00 Samba de Amigo 2000 details
09.21.00 Roundtable with Final Fantasy IX staffers
09.21.00 Sacnoth confirms RPG for PlayStation 2
09.20.00 RPG Maker ships
09.20.00 Onimusha receives a Japanese release date, price
09.20.00 Dragon Warrior III announced for Game Boy Color
09.07.00 Famitsu rates Dragon Quest VII
09.07.00 Resident Evil 0 shuffles platforms
09.07.00 Koei unveils Kessen 2
09.06.00 European distributor to offer Dreamcast/DVD package
09.05.00 ECTS hands-on impressions
09.05.00 Final Fantasy IX public demo; release date
09.04.00 Final Fantasy WonderSwan Color commemorative packaging
09.04.00 Parasite II preorder zipper fobs
09.04.00 Enix announces two online titles
09.04.00 Konami shows Red at ECTS
09.04.00 Sony reveals C-12
09.04.00 WonderSwan Color heads Stateside
09.02.00 First Dragon Quest VII reviews
09.01.00 Online Tetris Dreamcast bound
09.01.00 Interview with Kessen's U.S. producer
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