Pokémon Gold and Silver breaks 600,000 preorders

[09.29.00] » Pokémon now "bigger than Jesus and the Beatles combined."

    Nintendo of America has announced that Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Gameboy has just broken the 600,000 unit mark for preorders. At this pace, Nintendo says the title is set to meet announced projections of 10 million copies sold in the first 6 months available. The true sequels to 1998's franchise-making Pokémon Red and Blue will include 100 new monsters and even more new licensing possibilities.

    "The sheer demand for Pokémon Gold and Silver is astounding," said Peter Main, Nintendo's executive vice president for sales and marketing. "It proves the unique staying power of the Pokémon franchise. With three full weeks to go before launch, the previously unimaginable possibility of selling 1 million units before the games even hit retail shelves is becoming a reality."

    Pokémon Gold and Silver is slated slated to ship on October 15.

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Pokémon Gold and Silver
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