Double Agent
May 1999
05.31.99 A big, serious announcement that will change this column forever
05.30.99 Give the man a Grammy!
05.28.99 Playing games with you
05.27.99 Squeaking by
05.26.99 "Fixing" the ignorant, every day for a dollar
05.25.99 Cannibals and RPG lists, an unholy union
05.24.99 She had such gorgeous eyes, too. Too bad we had to eat her.
05.23.99 A big column to go along with the big news, and a little surprise, to boot
05.22.99 Mommy, look at all the questions!
05.21.99 Finding that spot between dreaming and orgasm
05.20.99 Either my colon just exploded, or it's time for a little reader mail!
05.19.99 Where'd the futon go, you little rascal?
05.18.99 Arr! It's the Dread Pirate Roberts!
05.17.99 Putting a stop to my being lame about updating
05.18.99 It's a strange world out there. Let's keep it that way.
05.14.99 My god, I've never seen one so big!
05.13.99 You're clever bastards, you are. Always stealing my cows.
05.10.99 It's still ticking!
05.09.99 Filling the gaps with a little spackle
05.08.99 I still had no pants.
05.07.99 Holy Socks!
05.05.99 Gender, sex, and gaming
05.04.99 Politics drain away, and in comes the flood of insanity
05.03.99 Gender, sex, and gaming
05.02.99 Warning: heavy reading ahead
05.01.99 Slipping into old suede shoes
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