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   Sorry about the long wait on this update... this is exactly what I was hoping to avoid when I took this position. But at least there's some really great artwork going up, and lots of variety here - no two pics from the same game, for once! Uncanny...

   First, a few new contributers... Sakana gives us a great picture of Tales of Destiny's "Rutee Kartret," Demond Rogers has contributed "Alex vs Saline Slimer," an illustration of a Lunar scene, and Erin has contributed a very cool pic of FFVIII's Squall with his gunblade.

   Returning artists today include Dilandou, with a gorgeous picture of Brigandine's Noie, Blademoor, with his second Tales of Phantasia piece, "Angel of Mercy," and Laura, who has captured a tender moment between Fei and Elly of Xenogears.

   And of course, no update would be complete without a few FF pics, hmm? Redmond Brady again gives us an awesome, detailed piece, "The Imperial Castle," straight from the town of Vector in FFVI. Final Fantasy Tactics is covered by Damian Fox, with "Marquis Elmdor," complete with the guy's freaky twin assassins. Aeralea pays tribute to the summer with a pic of Tifa, Cloud, and Aeris lounging on the beach in "Costa Del Sol," and well, since there was an odd number of pics today, I evened it up by sticking in one of my own pics of a recurring monster, "Tonberry." Hope no one minds...

   An important announcement, before we get on to the thumbnails... I want to say thanks to all those who wrote and wished me well, first of all. I love working with you guys, and I've really enjoyed getting to know some of you, and was looking forward to corresponding with the newer contributors too... But I need some time off to recuperate, very badly. In all likelihood the arrangement won't be permanent (I love this job too much, darnit, and I've agonized over this decision for a couple weeks now), but someone else will probably be filling in for about a month, after which I'll hopefully be able to return. If I don't rush back here before then. ;) Anyway, for the time being, please direct art submissions to Thanks again, and till next month, keep up the awesome work! Seeya then...


The Imperial Palace
Final Fantasy VI

Costa Del Sol
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Marquis Elmdor
Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy series

Alex vs Saline Slimer

Rutee Kartret
Tales of Destiny

Angel of Mercy
Tales of Phantasia

Fei and Elly
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