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Erin Pencil, black pen, Prismacolor pencils / Scanned into Adobe PhotoDeluxe CyrindaCri@aol.com Killopossum
Artist's Commentary

I don't usually do many fanarts, except numerous chibis of Cloud and Sephy which...just wouldn't cut it. But, lo and behold, I found a screenshot of Squall in a spiffy pose, I just couldn't resist, and spent a Saturday night drawing and coloring. (Yeah, I hear that snickering...) I know his gunblade is AWFUL, but I didn't really have any detailed pictures of a gunblade to go by. (Just pretend it looks better...please) The colors are better looking in the original and my scanner cut off some of the picture and put those ugly lines across it. - . - And I sure hope Squall's scar is going the right direction.

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