Marquis Elmdor
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Damian Fox Ball point pen / Adobe PhotoShop 5 Atlantis
Artist's Commentary

Here we have Limberry's Marquis Elmdor and his two sultry concubine assassins Celia and Lede. I really thought these characters were cool and wish they would have been developed more in the plot, thus I decided to render them a little more lifelike... not MUCH more but... The kanji is supposed to say 'blood suck' which is one of his special attacks but my Japanese is bad so it probably says 'wet floor' or something. Elmdor's flat, frighteningly Sephiroth-esque face was difficult to draw, as I have a hard time indicating aged characters without making them look decrepit. He looks as if he needs some vivarin or some viagra or something. You gotta love the assassin twins though; Two gorgeous blonde demonic killers! I'd let them 'use hands' on me any day!

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