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Andrea Hartmann Pencil, ink / Photoshop The Northern Crater
Artist's Commentary

This is all Fritz Fraundorf's fault. ;) Somehow we got to discussing weird animal characters and recurring monsters in Square's games, and we started talking about how cool Master Tonberry (aka Master Pug) was. Somehow this led to me drawing Tonberry fan art. *shrug* Go figure...
For reference for this pic, I freeze-framed part of the uncut Final Fantasy Gaiden movie, from the April Fool's joke (Yes, there was more to that movie) right where the camera zoomed in on a tonberry as it attacked. I didn't realize before that what he was holding in the non-lamp hand was a knife... man, and I already thought he was creepy! ...In a cute sort of way. *shrug* Still, my first battle with him in FFVII was creepier to me than any other in the game aside from the final battle. I kept going "This thing was in FFVI, and I remember it was tough, but what was so tough about it?" He just kept walking closer and closer... not attacking... It was incredibly unnerving. O_o

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