The Imperial Palace
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Redmond Brady Number 2 pencil on paper Undisclosed
Artist's Commentary

I was never very good at explaining my pictures. Hopefully, this one will speak for itself better than I can speak for it. To begin with, I'm aware that the Imperial palace as depicted here doesn't look much like it did in the game. I didn't have a picture of the actual palace on hand, and anyway accuracy wasn't really my goal when I drew this; this drawing is based on what I remembered of the palace and the atmosphere around it. I attempted to convey my impression of the palace as an immense, looming mass of tangled pipes and wires and steel girders, all forced into a more or less palatial aspect - a symbol of the Empire itself, in a way - a physical manifestation of power, oppression, and fear, with no thought given to beauty. As usual, the end result didn't really do justice to the original idea, but I wouldn't say it was a complete failure either.

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