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Dilandou Pencil on paper / Corel 8 Undisclosed
Artist's Commentary

(Brigandine spoiler alert!) I enjoyed Brigandine quite a bit, and my favorite general, by far, was Vanyard. One of the reasons I liked playing him so much was because of Noie's character and sub story (brief and cliche though it may have been). Even though I finished the game before she died, she was automatically killed by the plot instead of living out her remaining years at Vanyard's side as I'd hoped she'd be able to. She looks a little older in this picture than she did in her portrait, though that isn't really a mistake considering a number of years passed during the game. Her shoulders were originally a little wider than I'm use to drawing, so I had a hard time with the rest of the proportions as a result. Other little things bother me about this picture (nothing I could easily fix unfortunately -_-), but I think it turned out okay, overall.

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