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   Wonderful gallery today, lots of good art - and I mean lots! Hope the load time isn't too much... It's worth it though, since we've gotten so much quality artwork, including a couple first time contributors.

   The first is Blademoor, who has three pictures in today's update. Along with the action-packed "One-Winged..." and a moody portrayal of Billy Lee Black in "Departure," he's offered a great picture of a classic character who is often overlooked, in "Red Mage, Tactics Style."

   Also debuting in this update is Cephira Tenshi with "In the Spotlight," featuring a real fan favorite, Vincent Valentine, as he tries to hide in the shadows... Long-time contributor Pamela Ramali also contributes a Vincent CG in today's update. Both renditions are quite different, and quite lovely.

   What would FFVII's Red XIII look like if he were a human? Petra Rödig answers that question in "What's That?" which I think is safe to claim as the most unusual picture in today's update. ;) Perhaps he'll get used to it in time, hmm?

   At least a couple of the male staff at GIA have been wishing that along with the large number of pictures of attractive men Sketch Artist has been seeing recently, there would be more pictures of attractive women. Poh Yih Chwen and Dilandou have contributed beautiful portraits of FFVIII's Rinoa and PS3's Mieu, respectively - that should keep the boys happy for awhile...

   Rounding off today's update with more beautiful women, Landale gives us "Angerina" and "Antartica." I particularly like the latter, considering I've been a huge Shiva fan since the days of FFIV. =) Something about those summons...

   And that's it for today! In other Sketch Artist news, I'm currently working on a gallery sorted by game, which should make it easier to find a particular picture if you don't happen to recall the name of the artist or the day it went up. Look for that to be implemented sometime in the next couple weeks. =) Seeya next Tuesday...

Red Mage, Tactics Style
Final Fantasy

"What's That?"
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

In the Spotlight
Final Fantasy VII

Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII


Phantasy Star 3

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