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   The pull text for this update has nothing to do with the actual art, in case you were wondering... I'm just listening to Radiohead and in a very unimaginative mood. Heh... anyway...

   Starting things off, two new Breath of Fire 3 pictures from Petra Rödig! The first shows Rei and Ryu in a playful moment, while the second portrays Rei in a slightly unusual (but very cute!) way. Heh, I gotta get one of those dragons...

   Brand new contributor Naska is up next with a stuning CG of Aya Brea from Parasite Eve, standing victorious over a fallen foe in "No one messes with my dress!" Ouch.

   Finally we come to Laura's latest portrait, this one of the darling of Xenogears, "Billy." As always, Laura's managed to capture the subject in such a way that it looks more like a painting than a CG... beautiful!

   A few notes: First, my ISP seems to be having a little problem with dealing with file attachments (two have never arrived, and another was corrupted during transfer in the past week alone), so if at all possible, URL links are preferred for the time being. Sorry about this... if you need to use file attachments though, it's okay - some seem to come through fine while others don't. Not sure what the problem is. And also speaking of email problems - Naska, if you're reading this, my reply to your submission got bounced back to me. Sorry about that too...

Breath of Fire 3

Sleepy young Rei
Breath of Fire 3

"No one messes with my dress!"
Parasite Eve

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