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   Today's update starts off with a collaboration, a Fire Emblem piece called "Chibi Mercenary," drawn by Kei and colored by Kouryuu. Both regular contributers to Sketch Artist, they make a great team as well!

   The second piece is by pulpy: "I Have a Prom Date." This picture is quite interesting and unique, as pulpy's works always are, right down to the chosen subject matter - Chrono Trigger's Frog gets a date! Good for you, Glenn! ;)

   The final two pictures in today's update are both from Petra Rödig, and inspired by Breath of Fire 3. The first, "... there's no other choice..." portrays a fierce battle, while the second, "A Friendship's End," shows the tragic result. Both have Petra's usual flair and grace, and definitely deserve a look, but I suppose I should warn that the second pic could be considered a spoiler...

Chibi Mercenary
Fire Emblem

I Have a Prom Date
Chrono Trigger

... there's no other choice...
Breath of Fire 3

A Friendship's End
Breath of Fire 3
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