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   This'll be a quick update, as I'm having a rather busy schedule these days... which is why I'm behind on emailing people about their submissions, in case any of you are wondering. :P

   Anyway, the first two lovely ladies in today's update are both from Final Fantasy VII. Aeralea used colored pencil and pastel to create a melancholy-looking Aeris in "Why can't I save them all?" while Pamela Ramali gives us a spunky "Tifa Lockheart" in CG.

   The second two pieces are both debuts. Sydney Kyle 's "Angel" shows Xenogears' Emeralda and Billy (the only male in today's update) before a stunning CG backdrop, and Rinoa Z's "Noa and Terra" portrays the Legend of Legaia characters, which I can't comment on in depth, having not played the game. (Thank goodness I have a birthday this month.) At any rate, she's far better than I am with Microsoft Paint! ;)

"Why can't I save them all?"
Final Fantasy VII

Tifa Lockheart
Final Fantasy VII


Noa and Terra
Legend of Legaia
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