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   This update's a darned nice one, I tell ya... Quality work, fascinating subjects, and a dolphin! Aw, yeah...

   R.T. Brown has contributed a splendid CG of FFVII's Vincent, and another of the often overlooked Mr. Dolphin, as he makes an interesting discovery... The artist says these pictures are hints of things to come, and I for one can't wait to see where he's going.

   New artist Rochelle starts of with a bang, giving us three pictures of some popular bishounen, most notably a rather steamy one of Link. The way this guy is getting drawn, he may be giving Sephy a run for his money among the female gaming crowd... especially if he's as mischevious as he appears in this pic! ;)

   Last but not least, Laura has another beautiful CG portrait, of FFVI's Locke Cole. The clouds behind are a nice touch, adding to the thoughtful nature of the portrait.

   Great work, guys... I'm seeing more and more great artwork coming in (despite the aforementioned email troubles), and I'm loving every minute. =)

Vincent Valentine contemplates a dark secret
Final Fantasy VII

Swimming, Anyone?
Zelda 64

Mr Dolphin finds a prize!
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VII
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