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   Another big update, in the grand tradition started last week. I'm mildly concerned the contributing artists will wear themselves out working at this rate, but I'm certainly not complaining. At any rate, today's update has been divided into two separate galleries, for quicker loading.

   Just one new artist today, but a very noteworthy one. Saskia Lemke has contributed three pictures of Final Fantasy VII's Red XIII, two of which are animated gifs. The thumbnails really don't do them justice (obviously, since they're animated), but make sure to check out the actual gifs, they're marvelously done.

   Also from FFVII, both Blademoor and Kei have contributed pictures of the lovely Tifa Lockheart. Neither picture has her in her regular costume, and to be honest, I think I like these outfits better. Hmm...

   Aside from the two Tifa pics, Blademoor and Kei both have another picture in today's update. Blademoor's "Full Circle" is in honor of the release of Lunar:SSS (finally!) this week. Kei's "~Heart~ Bridget" is a rather unusual Fire Emblem pic, portraying Bridget as a cupid. (I did crop it for the thumbnail, seeing as it contains slight nudity, but come on - it's a cupid!)

   Regular contributors Petra Rödig and Pamela Ramali both sent in several works in the last few days - so many, I saved a few for next update just in case! Petra has given us some incredible Symphony of the Night artwork in "Hell's Guardian" and "A. F. Tepes", as well as an Azure Dreams pic and a Breath of Fire 2 pic, showing how versatile she really is. The latter, "Dragon's Prayer," is nothing short of beautiful. Pamela's pictures are the very graceful "Princess Emerald" from Magic Knight Rayearth, and a vicious-looking "Gerudo Guard" from Zelda 64, ready to kick someone's butt from the looks of things.

   Finally we come to two more very impressive pics; J. Parish's "Windleaf" is our first Shadow Madness fan art, possibly the first Shadow Madness fan art. Those who have seen his works in the past may notice a softer, more watery look to this pic, and it works quite well. Laura's "The Calm Before The Storm" shows Fei, the main character of Xenogears, lounging at the water's edge. It has a wonderfully moody atmosphere, contrasting Fei's casual appearance with the dark, forbidding clouds in the background...

   That's all for today, but I've got some great stuff for Friday's update already. Now, on to the galleries...

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