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   It's been a tough week for me, between job hunting, ISP difficulties, and three recurring health problems resurfacing at once. So I haven't fully sorted through all the submissions I've gotten this week, and I'm sorry about that. I'll see what I can do about it over the weekend. At any rate, here's what I have sorted through, and it's quite a nice selection...

   Most of the work today is from Final Fantasy VII (perhaps everyone's tiding themselves over till FF8's release by playing through 7 again?), and in fact there are three pics of Sephiroth alone! Seriously, I am not soliciting these many pictures of Sephiroth in any way... but I'm not objecting to them either. Heh heh... anyway, two of the three are from new contributors David T. and Little Pika, and the third is by Cephira Tenshi.

   Also in the FF7 category, we have another new contributor, Bryan Crosby, with a very nice pencil drawing of Red XIII. Sydney Kyle has contributed a gorgeous and detailed CG of Tifa, and Pamela Ramali has done a lovely CG of Aeris. Yet another new contributor, Damian Fox, gives us a rather humorous meeting between FF7's Yuffie and Seiken Densetsu 3's Hawkeye, which is definitely the strangest picture in today's update.

   Moving along, Laura has painted an angelic portrait of someone who many RPG fans wish had gotten a larger role in FFVI - General Leo. Another slightly unusual (and amusing) offering is Blademoor's "Upgrades..." featuring Tales of Phantasia's Arche with a confusing new... mode of transportation?

   Finally, Petra Rödig rounds off the update nicely with one piece from Breath of Fire 2, "Patty, the Phantom Thief," and two pieces from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. "Venus Weed" portrays one of the very strange monsters in the game, and "Cursed Bloodlines" is... well, it made me stop staring at my pictures of Laguna for awhile, and that's hard to do. Very, very beautiful.

   Once again, there's a lot of pictures, so the update has been divided into two galleries for easy loading, with the pictures in alphabetical order according to the name of the game.

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