Double Agent
March 1999
03.31.99 I think there's something seriously wrong with me, and it's not just my taste in shoes
03.30.99 All right, sunshine, whaddya say you 'n me step outside...
03.29.99 I don't like you, any of you, and I never have, got it?
03.28.99 Great googily moogily, it's the Big Red Cheese! Holey Moley!
03.27.99 If I was as cool as Alucard, I'd be getting laid right now
03.26.99 Light and fluffy like a calico kitten whose skeleton has been ripped out
03.25.99 Zelda fans strike back, the col gets long as hell, and Allan joins the Shriners
03.24.99 Zelda discovers a link to a hefty load of criticism
03.23.99 Rational debate, tying the cords, and little furry beasties in tights
03.22.99 Searching out the middle path, without a Buddha in sight
03.20.99 The wheels of progress roll over their heads and soft brains within
03.19.99 There are two types of people, those I hate, and those I piss on
03.18.99 Carmen Miranda drew out my inner banana like no other fruit-headed woman could
04.17.99 I don't have repressed anger, I inflict it on lots of people
03.16.99 I'd really like to dismember Michael Flatley and eat his spleen
03.15.99 In a perfect world, you would already be dead
03.14.99 Slash and burn economics with Dr. Ginsu
03.12.99 Sick puppies with grotesque growths on 'em
03.11.99 All things to all people, except me
03.10.99 Back, bad, and naughty as you want me to be
03.09.99 Swingers riding off into the technicolor sunset
03.05.99 AK loves you, yes he does
03.04.99 Everything you ever wanted to know about REM
02.03.99 Mukluks and gazebos, oh my!
03.02.99 AK returns in a flash of glory
03.01.99 Flying away on leather wings
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