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February 2002
02.28.02 Kingdom Hearts commercial released
02.28.02 Animal Forest + confirmed for American release
02.28.02 Xenosaga hands-on impressions
02.28.02 Correction on Final Fantasy XI release date, pricing
02.28.02 Lufia Gaiden details
02.28.02 PS2 price drop to be announced at E3
02.27.02 Rockman EXE 2 robot design winner
02.27.02 Shining Soul and Fire Emblem Japanese release dates, screenshots, box art
02.26.02 Dragon Warrior Monsters I & II PSX Japanese release date
02.26.02 Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars, Jet Set Radio Future ship
02.26.02 Sony launches PS2 Greatest Hits line
02.26.02 Xenosaga intro movie online
02.26.02 Final Fantasy XI release date, pricing
02.25.02 DDR Konamix soundtrack unveiled
02.23.02 Final Fantasy XI opening movie transcript
02.23.02 20020220 Music from Final Fantasy concert report
02.22.02 Xbox launches in Japan
02.20.02 Castlevania: White Night Concerto announced for Game Boy Advance
02.19.02 Suikoden III delayed in Japan
02.18.02 Tomato Adventure hands-on impressions
02.17.02 Cozy Okada discusses Shin Megami Tensei Nine
02.16.02 Zelda GameCube graphics confirmed
02.16.02 Lunar Legend pushed back in Japan
02.16.02 Final Fantasy XI streaming video goes live
02.06.02 Europe gets PS2/Metal Gear Solid 2 bundle
02.15.02 La Pucelle impressions
02.15.02 First Project Venus screens
02.15.02 Kessen II, Gitaroo-Man headed to Europe
02.13.02 Sony announces slate of online games
02.12.02 .hack headed to America?
02.11.02 Atlus release schedule details
02.11.02 Rune release date
02.09.02 New Xenosaga details
02.09.02 Grandia Xtreme hands-on impressions
02.08.02 Biohazard GameCube bundle in the works?
02.08.02 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards finalists announced
02.07.02 Onimusha sells 2 million copies worldwide
02.07.02 Final Fantasy X Piano Collection track listing
02.07.02 Squaresoft announces WonderSwan Color Final Fantasy IV, SaGa release dates
02.07.02 Final Fantasy remakes confirmed to be in production
02.06.02 Capcom confirms Biohazard remake release information
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