Sketch Artist
Final Fantasy VII
Title Artist Date
Tifa Vortecks 02.14.02
"Hiiieeee!!!" Kate Sith 02.14.02
The Gluttonous Rainbow And A Side O' Fries The Spy Kitty 02.14.02
Keffy and co. KATT 02.04.02
Tifa Lockheart June 02.04.02
Vincent Valentine Apocalizard 02.04.02
Sephiroth Apocalizard 02.04.02
Sephiroth Quochung 01.02.02
Body Switch Eric Trompeta 01.02.02
Tifa Eliseu Gouveia 12.26.01
hell froze over... edison yan 12.19.01
Sephiroth and Dragon Quochung 12.19.01
Seph and friends KATT 12.19.01
sissy KATT 12.19.01
Tifa Lying Around Gary B 02.05.01
Jenova-DEATH Ultima Mayu 02.05.01
Death of an Angel Truds 01.28.01
Cait's Losing Streak Andrea Hartmann 01.28.01
Monkeying Around Meredith 01.28.01
Furry Red XIII Terra-ist 01.21.01
Vincent Raincrystal 01.21.01
Sephiroth Tu Bui 01.21.01
untitled Tu Bui 01.21.01
Jessie out of character Fragraham Lincon 01.14.01
Vincent Valentine: Stare Vincent Raven Valentine 01.14.01
smile for the camera, son! Lauren 01.14.01
One-Winged Angel Jo 01.14.01
Hair, beautiful HAIR! ^o^ Neko-chan 01.14.01
FF7 Christmas Biohazard 01.14.01
Materia Girl Lightsoul 12.18.00
Neglected Lightsoul 12.18.00
Tifa Rachel Young 12.18.00
Cid and the Hose Princess Artemis 12.18.00
That Certain Something Princess Artemis 12.18.00
Lost Love: Vincent ChibiBlackMage 10.24.00
Square Guys Collection: Sephiroth Biohazard 10.24.00
a rose for Aeris Meg W. 10.12.00
Fallen from Grace Meriko 10.12.00
untitled Raincrystal 10.12.00
Aeris and Cloud in Wall Market Steven Charles Wyman 10.04.00
Angel of Life Biohazard 10.04.00
One-Winged Angel Laura Pierson 10.04.00
Sephiroth and Vincent Laura Pierson 10.04.00
Vincent Valentine Ruya 09.26.00
What? Going for a swim? n.a.t.e. 09.26.00
Aeris Paul O'Rourke 09.19.00
Beach Goddess Lord Itlan 09.19.00
Bishounen Sephiros Lord Itlan 09.19.00
Tug-O-War Terra-ist 09.19.00
Ultima! Sander 09.19.00
untitled Vincent Raven Valentine 09.19.00
A Helping Hand Kate Sith 09.02.00
Jessie Tifaria 09.02.00
Reno Leigh Bader 09.02.00
Rufus Samantha 09.02.00
The Angel From Hell Biohazard 09.02.00
The Sacrifice of One; The Salvation of All Reverse Twinkie 09.02.00
Tifa Jon Lane 09.02.00
Aerith Dustin Clinton 09.02.00
vincent valentine of FF7 Wulfmune 09.02.00
Yuffie Jon Lane 09.02.00
Cloud and Tifa L. Chin 07.10.00
Stained Glass Cloud TJ 07.10.00
Sephiroth and the Black Materia Laura Pierson 07.10.00
Sephiroth Laura Pierson 07.10.00
Vincent Rinoa_Lee 07.10.00
Damn, we're sexy! Marie Lu 07.10.00
Tonberry-sama Laine 06.13.00
Art of Cloud Lee-Ham 06.13.00
Cloud vjd 06.13.00
Sephiroth LeeAnne Harrison 06.13.00
One-Winged Angel LeeAnne Harrison 06.13.00
Bloodfest Mawashi 06.13.00
Vincent Maggie Bradshaw 06.13.00
Sephiroth Maggie Bradshaw 06.13.00
She's a Brick (OW!) House! Lord Itlan 06.13.00
"Remember Me..." Petra Rödig 12.03.99
Sephy Boy Petra Rödig 12.03.99
Sephiroth Petra Rödig 12.03.99
Two Worlds, Two Fantasies Petra Rödig 12.03.99
Beware of the Tonberry! Cykeclops 12.25.99
Cloud Yingster 12.07.99
Descendant of the Shinobi Winged Heart 12.07.99
Chocobo Screensaver Petra Rödig 12.03.99
Aeris & Life Stream Ghost Chen-chen 11.27.99
Howling Moon Terra-ist 11.27.99
Puppet Kristen Smirnov 11.16.99
Tifa Lockheart JProvst 11.16.99
Yuffie Paul 11.16.99
Yellow Chocobo Silverelf 11.05.99
Maybe I'm a Lion...? Andrea Hartmann 10.31.99
Back to the Planet Petra Rödig 10.27.99
One Winged Angel R.T. Brown 10.27.99
Cloud and Tifa Nutz 10.21.99
Shadows Aeralea 10.21.99
Beer Time! Kameshell 10.01.99
Ehrgeiz Fighters Stéphane 09.24.99
Cloud and Aeris Nutz 09.24.99
...Mako Eyes... Ammo 09.14.99
Macho Man Uncreativity 09.14.99
FF7 Again Cyph 09.07.99
The 2 Heroes Eferoth 09.07.99
Vincent Elaine Fair 09.07.99
"You sporky cat!" Uncreativity 09.03.99
Crying for Seto Saskia Lemke 09.03.99
A sleeping RedXIII with cubs Saskia Lemke 09.03.99
The President's Death Andreas Rödig 09.03.99
An Amber Jem Oibara 09.03.99
Cloud and Musashi Wei 08.31.99
Portrait of Cloud Andreas Rödig 08.31.99
Vincent Valentine Wulfmune 08.31.99
Man of the Past Hendrick Sukardi 08.31.99
Hugz Evil Tiger 08.31.99
The Road to Nibel The Captain 08.31.99
We'll Meet Again Rinoa Z 08.03.99
Cid Highwind SouL 08.03.99
Veni veni venias; ne me mori facias Petra Rödig 08.03.99
Methamorphosis Petra Rödig 08.03.99
Cloud and Tifa Darkenedknight 07.30.99
Holidays at Costa Del Sol Petra Rödig 07.30.99
Montage Nelson Ta 07.30.99
Aeris R.T. Brown 07.26.99
Vince Maggie 07.26.99
Cid Highwind Ammo 07.08.99
Sephiroth Sakana 07.08.99
Turks Class Picture Rurouni KJS 07.08.99
AVALANCHE Rurouni KJS 06.30.99
Playing Cubs Petra Rödig 06.30.99
Untitled Petra Rödig 06.30.99
Red Loves You Petra Rödig 06.27.99
The Mighty Seto Petra Rödig 06.27.99
Tifa and Red XIII take up the slack Rurouni KJS 06.27.99
The Antagonist Kameshell 06.21.99
Cloud Kameshell 06.21.99
Costa Del Sol Aeralea 06.13.99
Red XIII and Seto Saskia Lemke 06.01.99
Animated RedXIII 1 & 2 Saskia Lemke 06.01.99
Embracing the Sword Blademoor 06.01.99
Hesper: Evening Star Kei 06.01.99
"What's That?" Petra Rödig 05.28.99
One-Winged... Blademoor 05.28.99
Antartica Landale 05.28.99
In the Spotlight Cephira Tenshi 05.28.99
Vincent Valentine Pamela Ramali 05.28.99
Vincent contemplates a dark secret R.T. Brown 05.25.99
Mister Dolphin finds a prize R.T. Brown 05.25.99
Contemplation Rochelle 05.25.99
Sephiroth Rochelle 05.25.99
Sephiroth Pamela Ramali 05.14.99
"Why can't I save them all?" Aeralea 05.07.99
Tifa Lockheart Pamela Ramali 05.07.99
One-Winged Angel R.T. Brown 05.04.99
Ifrit Wondering Phil "Osirus" 05.04.99
Sleeping Beauties in the Woods Landale 04.30.99
I Will Find Her There Aeralea 04.27.99
Reaching Out Amber Michelle 04.23.99
Reflection Hydrachild 04.06.99
Jessie Dilandou 04.06.99
The Other Side of the Mountain R.T. Brown 04.06.99
Chinese Wardrobe By and V 04.06.99
Double Force By and V 03.02.99
Floral Message Kei 02.16.99
Happy Valentine's Day Laine 02.16.99
Foxy Mama!! Kouryuu 02.09.99
Vincent Aki 02.09.99
Yuffie Laine 02.01.99
Imminent Execution Petra Rödig 02.01.99
Tifa Jen M 01.29.99
Red XIII Petra Rödig 01.21.99
Nanaki, son of Seto Petra Rödig 01.21.99
Tifa Laine 01.21.99
I'm Afraid of Rejection pulpy 01.19.99
The Beautiful Face of Evil Petra Rödig 01.19.99
Sephiroth Lady Merit 01.19.99
Tifa's Radiance Tom A. Szakolczay 01.19.99
Aerith Lady Merit 01.07.99
Angel Aerith Ryuuzaki 01.07.99
...It's Battle Time... pulpy 01.03.99
Sephiroth Petra Rödig 11.29.98
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