The Antagonist
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Kameshell Pencil [CMA] cloud's mad affair
Artist's Commentary

1> What inspired you to create this piece?
- i like games and when I can't think of something to draw, I draw other people's creations
2> What made you decide to portray this character(s) / scene?
- I have never drawn Sephiroth before and decided to give it a go.
3> Discuss your interpretative portrayal of the character(s) / scene.
- Sephiroth was a villian, after stabbing Aeris he didn't want to dance or make love with her as others have portrayed him doing so. Sephiroth enjoyed it, as you can view in the clip after puncturing Aeris' lung he gave a smirk to Cloud.
4> What is your reaction to an aspect of the piece or the overall product?
- I wanted to color it, but after finishing a pencil layout I noticed that coloring it would destory the sketched details that I made originally. It's not one of my best pieces, however, the hand gesture that I made, I'm having a hard time trying to recapture a look like that.
5> Discuss any other points of interest you may wish to make about the piece.
- I made this piece a year ago, before I went to 'Wizard's comic con'. This picture is stored in my sketch book, which I brought with me to the comic convention. As I had Joe Quesada, artist from Daredevil and Ash, sign it, he noticed this drawing and said, 'That's really good'. That is why over all my drawings I enjoy this the most.

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