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   Another update already? I seem to have managed my first update, so here's a larger one -- ten pictures, to be exact. Two classic Sega games appear in Sketch Artist for the first time -- Panzer Dragoon Saga, in Demond Rogers' "Azel", and Phantasy Star IV, in Blademoor's "Melancholy Wind." Those games aren't all that's new, as two new artists appear as well: Kameshell contributes "The Antagonist" and "Cloud", and Dan debuts with "A Warm Winter."

   A variety of Square pics comprise the other half of today's update. Final Fantasy heroines Faris and Terra appear in Pamela Ramali's "Faris" and Blademoor's "Fleeting Serenity", respectively. Xenogears also makes a strong showing, with Laura contributing both "Billy 'The man, the myth, the ladies dream come true' Black" and a Fei and Elly scene, "Dreams in the Mist." Elly also appears in Pamela Ramali's aptly-titled "Elly." They're all great pics, so enjoy!

   I've taken the small liberty of introducing (drumroll)... the Random Gaming Audio Clip of the Day! Today's clip is the classic "sting-y" line from Last Alert -- you've probably already heard it, but if you haven't, it's a classic (if you thought Star Ocean 2 had bad voice acting, this just destroys it). Look for Xenogears' infamous "evacuation" scene in the next update, with plenty more quirky clips to follow.

   And, of course, keep on sending all the great pictures -- after all, the more art you send, the more art I can post! The game galleries have been well received as well, so I'll contine updating those. But enough talk, on with the art!

- Fritz Fraundorf, member of terrolist agency SCARLET

Today's Random Gaming Audio Clip:
"People will hate you, Steve, if you're too sting-y." (Last Alert, 127 kb)

Final Fantasy V

Fleeting Serenity
Final Fantasy VI

The Antagonist
Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Melancholy Wind
Phantasy Star IV

A Warm Winter
Tales of Destiny

Billy "The man, the myth, the ladies dream come true" Black

Dreams in the Mist

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