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   Well, after a few technical issues, Sketch Artist is running once again. I'm your temporary host Fritz Fraundorf; I'll be filling in for Andrea while she takes the month off. Hopefully I'll be able to fill my predecessor's shoes without botching things too badly...

   In my first act as interim Sketch Artist, I've introduced the long overdue Game Galleries; now, you can browse through all of Sketch Artist's archives by game. If, say, you're looking for pictures of a specific game, the complete listing is a few clicks away. You'll also be able to jump straight to the game's coverage on GIA (if there is any), and back to the game galleries from the company artwork pages.

   Of course, Sketch Artist wouldn't be anything without art, and we've got four new pictures today. New artists Valery Korneev and Otaku each contribue a Final Fantasy picture: "Undecided Fate" and "...Afraid", respectively. For those looking for art from less high-profile games, Keiiii's "L' Excellence" claims its title as Sketch Artist's first piece of Princess Maker 3 art. Sakana's "Lion", a new picture from the ever-popular Tales of Destiny, rounds out the update.

   That's it for today; keep on sending in the great art -- the more you send, the more I can post! Feel free to drop me a line with any comments or complaints (or even better, art submissions) at

Final Fantasy VI

Undecided Fate
Final Fantasy VIII

L' Excellence
Princess Maker 3

Tales of Destiny
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