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Demond Rogers Pencils and Ink / Photoshop Undisclosed
Artist's Commentary

My first videogame fanart I drew was Alex from lunar and didnt take much time with it but it turn out alright and I was going for a cartoonish look. My new art of Azel from Panzer Dragoon Saga in her sleep chamber I wanted it to look more real like a painting so I took more time with it and tweak it till I got it the way I wanted it to be. I still have a lot to learn so my next art Alex(LSSSC), Billy(xenogears) or Ryo(shenmue) will hopefully be much better! I chose to draw Azel because there's not much fanart from PDsaga and it's one of the best rpg's to date with a great cast of characters. I used pencils and ink to draw her and painted it in photoshop.

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