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Kameshell Prisma Color Markers [CMA] cloud's mad affair
Artist's Commentary

1> What inspired you to create this piece?
- Wanted to draw Cloud, nothing major.
2> What made you decide to portray this character(s) / scene?
- Cloud's colors seemed to be very easy to blend with Prisma Color Markers. And I have always wanted to draw that Hair Style of his.
3> Discuss your interpretative portrayal of the character(s) / scene.
- There really is no scene, Cloud is just in a pose. Why the pose? I wanted to over exaggerate on his suspenders, and you need him to hench over for that.
4> What is your reaction to an aspect of the piece or the overall product?
- I felt that that blending technique that I used for the picture turned out nice, actually it help create a new way for me to blend prisma colors, now.
5> Discuss any other points of interest you may wish to make about the piece.
- his hair turned out really nicely.

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