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Petra Rödig Aquarell pencils and normal pencil on paper Undisclosed
Artist's Commentary

Well, it's hard for me to write a comment for this picture, because it was just some kind of a strange feeling (which I always get when I look on a picture of Sephi-chan) which told me to paint the picture like it looks now. Sephiroth is my favorite character in FF VII (maybe it's because I'm a girl and Sephi-chan is my vision of a dreamboy), but it is really hard to paint him, because he acts in such a cruel way.
In this picture, I tried to show the two sides of Sephiroth: the young and handsome (but lonely) man and the mysterious and dangerous one. I also tried to show that he has something to do with Jenova. And when you look at him, you'll see it.

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