Sketch Artist

   Three new artists grace this week's edition of Sketch Artist.

   Tania Giroux has a highly interpretive style that makes one see characters in a different light than one is used to, with stunning results. Her incredibly creative and elaborate depiction of Kain's helmet lends a unique and rarely explored focus on equipment, rather than human form, to the opening piece. The realism of the adult, earnest Link and Zelda in her other piece lies in stark contrast with the cartoony style in which we're used to seeing them drawn, again making for a rather unique focus.

   The simplistic, free strokes of pulpy in "Rydia Pampers a Velcromonkey," along with Rydia's bowed head and loose, effortless grip of the creature, go toward establishing her aura of quiet serenity. The velcromonkey's clinging, extended arms, oversized ears and small smile make it rather adorable despite its comical name.

   Petra Rödig's style boasts a wide array of soft yet vivid colors that make her pieces come to life. Even when working in black and white, she can masterfully apply shades of grey to achieve the same effect, as shown in "Link on Horseback." I particularly enjoy her powerful depiction of the serpent in "Hero vs. Ice Dragon."

Final Fantasy IV

Rydia Pampers a Velcromonkey
Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy VII

Quest 64

Quest 64

Hero vs. Ice Dragon
Secret of Mana

Link & Zelda
Zelda 64

Link on Horseback
Zelda 64
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