Link & Zelda
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Tania Giroux Pencil on paper / Photoshop Emroyka's Domain
Artist's Commentary

It has been a while since I last picked up a pencil, but when this piece came to mind I simply had to draw it... The concept was so simple - or was it?
Every visual I have seen of these two characters (Link in particular) has always portrayed them in very exaggerated cartoon form, disproportionate though adorable... I wanted to create something different. In all my pieces I have tried to stay true to characters while exploring new perspectives, and this piece was no exception.
I often draw without models (as in this case) and there is always plenty of evidence to that effect; I would like to think it's part of my intrinsic style. ;-)
I am so familiar with Link that he was quite fun to draw. :-) I couldn't break away from the traditional green garb he wears though, no matter how I approached his representation (guess nobody's perfect!).
Still, he has earned the Triforce again and again, so his serious look has some merit...
I'm aware that the Zelda for whom so many legends have been penned probably in no way resembles my Zelda in this particular visual, but I was happy to cast her this way, a little flamboyant, a little cautious, but never overshadowed.

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