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Tania Giroux Pencil on paper / Photoshop phoebe@total.net Emroyka's Domain
Artist's Commentary

Kain is one of my favorite RPG characters overall. Unfortunately, we were given little chance to delve deep into his strange psyche, but what we did see fleshed out a character plagued by complexities: uncertainty, jealousy, loyalty, and self-doubt... I suppose that this is part of why I find him fascinating.
The pose shown here is how I have always pictured him, brooding, thinking much and saying little; perhaps reflecting on his past, or his present afflictions, or the cleansing future that awaits him.
Kain's facial features were derived from a model, but that helmet (that helmet!) was entirely spawned from my imagination... It took me the better part of a day's work to get it just so, but even I make mistakes... ;-)

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