06.09.99 Grandia delayed
   Sony shuffles Game Arts's RPG back to a fall timeframe.
05.11.99 Grandia to appear at E3
   Grandia is finally confirmed for North American release by its section in Sony's booth.
04.08.99 Grandia in your pocket
   Game Arts hops on board the PocketStation bandwagon.
03.24.99 Grandia, Star Ocean 2 US release dates
   Nationwide retailer Babbage's claims Sony has slated two of Japan's hottest RPGs for summer release dates.
03.17.99 TGS: Grandia set for PSX release
   With Grandia slated for display on the Tokyo Game Show floor, a US PlayStation release is not far behind.
02.05.99 Grandia confirmed for US PSX release (again)
   It's really happening. Oh sweet, heavenly bliss.
01.28.99 Grandia confirmed for US PSX release
   HELLS YEAH! ... er, SCEA brings popular RPG title to states.