Parallel Universe   Archives
September-December 2000
Date Title Game Author Genre
10.26.00 Dancing Barefoot in the Rain Suikoden Merc the Wanderer Serious
10.26.00 Acquired Tastes Breath of Fire Kirkis Serious
10.26.00 Cid Highwind Final Fantasy VII CateSith18 Serious
10.26.00 Eyes on You Final Fantasy VIII CateSith18 Serious
10.26.00 Wind and Sea Chrono Cross L. Malnassy Serious
10.26.00 A Sorceress Remembers Final Fantasy VIII Alhazred Serious
10.26.00 The Sea of Eternal Tides Chrono Cross Michael Collins Poem
10.26.00 The Dating Game Final Fantasy VII Michael Collins Comedic
10.26.00 When Hyuga met Rui Xenogears Chad Harger Serious
10.26.00 Requiem Resident Evil Code: Veronica Catelina Serious
10.26.00 Gustave's Last Stand SaGa Frontier 2 Miles Miller Serious
10.26.00 The Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross Dark Ferret Serious
10.26.00 Street Spirit Final Fantasy VII Brooke Bolander Serious
10.26.00 For Whom the Bell Tolls Final Fantasy VI Intrasonic Serious
10.26.00 The Flower Girl Final Fantasy VII Bubbawheat Serious
10.26.00 The Candle Final Fantasy VI Laura Cullem Serious
10.26.00 Mercy The Legend of Dragoon Gogo the Mime Serious
11.07.00 Alone Final Fantasy VIII Astarte Serious
11.07.00 Endless Final Fantasy VIII Astarte Serious
11.07.00 Architect Of My Own Destruction Final Fantasy VII Astarte Serious
11.07.00 The Promise Of Idiocy Final Fantasy VIII XMagicalX Comic
11.07.00 All Along the Watchtower Final Fantasy VII Negative Creep Serious
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