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As I started once again on a belated-by-my-ill-health update, I noted with surprise that it's been a year since I first started fanfics here. It's rather amazing that time flies by so quickly, and I'd like to take just a moment to reflect on the great people and wonderful stories I've encountered while running Parallel Universe.

I decided on this anniversary that I'd break one of my own fanfic rules - that of printing lengthy chapter works. Soul-Hunter sent me one such fanfic, and since it was entirely complete I decided to give it a read. The problem with lengthy works is that it then takes me longer to get the actual update done. Yet, I know there is some wonderful stuff out there that probably doesn't come my way because of this rule, so I'm hereby abolishing it, but with a condition. I'd like all authors to feel free to send me a lengthy multi-part story, provided it is already complete. I'm going to be posting Soul-Hunter's Fourth Universe story at two chapters a week, partly because it's fun to keep people in suspense, and partly because it would be unfair to other authors to put such a huge amount of time and space into a single author's work in one update when others deserve just as much chance to be read.

That was awfully wordy. To summarize, send me your lengthy works if they are *finished*, but be prepared for them to take a longer time to be read and posted.

Today brings some more returning authors - Nightsong bestows upon us a long-promised Kartia fic, several poems by Michael Collins and Paul O'Rourke grace the update (one of which actually made me laugh out loud), and Natural offers us a first - a Resident Evil fanfic. (Now I think I've seen it all)

New authors join the mix today as well - Hoyden's Final Fantasy VI piece is extremely touching and well-written, Scarr's piece keeps you wondering to the end, and Frankie even throws a bit of interesting religious symbolism our way in a look at Aerith's final thoughts. And of course, David's piece is satire, but perhaps in a way many of us have often dreamed of...

I'll be heading back to Miami in a week, where, with my own computer, I should be able to get fanfics back on a weekly kind of update schedule. Thanks again, everyone, for a great first year - you guys make this job worth doing.

Wishing she could read Japanese as she ponders through FFIX's 1st disc,


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Fourth Universe - 1&2 Final Fantasy VIII Soul Hunter
First Kartia Nightsong
A Queen for Figaro Final Fantasy VI Hoyden
Eluria Star Ocean 2 Michael Collins
Sephiroth's Song Final Fantasy VII Michael Collins
Stalker in the City of Stalkers Resident Evil The Natural
Last Thoughts Final Fantasy VII Frankie Catena
Bitch Final Fantasy VII ScaRR
Final Fantasy VIII poem Final Fantasy VIII Paul O'Rourke
A Slightly Imperfect Murder Lunar: SSSC David Solomon
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