Last Thoughts

[08.07.00] » by Frankie Catena

The Sound of an Atom Splitting.

The sound of existence itself.

That very sound.....

The distant scenes flashed through her head. The screaming...the yelling...the doctors all around. It was a surprise to her to see these scenes...most people probably don’t, but that was only her assumption. All the talk of “your life flashing before your eyes” when you die seemed pretty true, but, at the moment of death, why the images of birth? Why the scenes of the scene of death?

It only brought more confusion to the existing situation.

/~If anything...why so painful...?~\

Oh Zack... she thought.

Im not so far away anymore...
And Tseng....

/~ Not much more...~\

The scenes had gone from birth to her teenage years. The Zack Years...she liked to call them. She had given those years a special name to remind her of one of the greatest times of her life, but when the thought of those great times came to her, so did the pain of those years. With those thoughts of Zack...came...

/~ Almost unbearable~\

...Oh, Cloud.... she thought.

If only....

The scenes had already gone to the first day she saw the if on que. It wasn't every day a handsome young man with glowing eyes walked into a girl's life. It was as if was fa...

/~ Ugh...~\

The roses...the flowers....the man on the cross... all flashed through her mind now. Who was it, she wondered. Who was he...?...she kept thinking to herself.

Why on a cross...and in a church?

Why was he punished so badly?

Im sure...nothing he could have done could compare to those of Se...

/~ It's.....time....~\

A slight smile came to her face with the thought of the man....she didn’t know why though. She didn't know why he had compelled her so much, but she figured that it didn't matter at the last moments of her life.

The paining slid out of her body...

.....And Fell To The Floor.

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