Stalker in the City of Stalkers

[08.07.00] » by The Natural

In September 1998

A Mountain town called Raccoon City

became the center of a massive biological disaster…

2 years later this recording was found.




Silence. In the middle of a city of over one hundred thousand it shouldn't be possible. And yet here I am standing in a vacuum.

Walking down the main street of this deserted city is for a lack of a better word, spooky. The one thing that actually comforts the almost insane silence is that the streets are completely trashed. Every where there are piles of trash or debris scattered out all across the streets and the sidewalks. Newspapers matted down by the rain cars are wrecked and over turned every few yards. The comfort from this is that at least there is a sign of some thing bad that happened, some sign of chaos, a sign that something terribly wrong happened here.

The real problem isn't the emptiness of the streets. On the contrary, the problem is that the streets are quite full. All of the inhabitants are still here, save a few that got out alive. They wonder the streets looking for live flesh to feast on. They themselves have long since decayed into fetid heaps of braindead parasites. They amble along in clumsy lumbering manners often walking into walls, or other inanimate objects. Carelessly they follow the scent of flowing blood. They will plod aimlessly until they either find what they are looking for or until they have decayed to such a point that their very legs crack and break under the pressure of their bodies, collapsing into a pile of dry, gray flesh. When they do find their meal they will moan and complain inaudibly until they gorge into their unfortunate victim in which case they rip and tear flesh with their teeth and drink the unlucky creatures blood until it ceases to be.

These undead monstrosities are unfortunately not the only pieces of dirt in this vast, gaping wound of a city. There are many other creatures, things, demons that roam the streets looking for something that is still kicking. Large mutated animals like snakes and spiders creep and crawl in the shadows of the alleys. Wild, festering dogs run and bark in the empty darkness looking for their "best friend." There also stalk weird horrors that were more than just experiments, they were disasters. Things that crawl on ceilings and walls much the way a bug would only the size of a human, a human that was turned inside out and upside down. These horrible creatures have long hook-like claws, even longer tongues, and they make a screeching noise that could stir even the most hardened of soldiers. There are others that are like huge body building reptiles with long claws like weird deformed fans of the "Freddy" movies. These monsters will rush at you screaming high-pitched screeches and swipe at you with their foot long knife-bladed talons. Fortunately they aren't anything shotgun shell or well-aimed magnum slug couldn't dispatch. There are however bigger creatures that roam that dwarf these horrors in both size and lethality. I personally have witnessed several variations of these "Tyrant" beings. The first in the mansion lab was a large man like creature with a heart that was on the outside of his body and a claw on his right hand that was about a foot and a half long. Another much like him was in the police station and then down in the sewers this one was obviously an attempt at a soldier version of these things. It was about eight feet tall and wore a black trench coat. It had a cold, stony expression and large hammer-like fists. It later lost its coat became a large skinless beast like the first only with two menacing claws. The third started out as one of the leading scientists of this project, Dr. William Berkin. But after an unforeseen resistance to a recovery team, he injected

In closing I would like to state that all of the bio-weapon subjects have proven effective in their lethality though only the larger ones would be, well, marketable. So ends my field analysis and I will immediately return to base to send in my final report. This is Ronald Jackson, Supervisor signing off.

Note: This tape was found in a bloodstained backpack with a .44 caliber Smith & Wesson Revolver. The pack had large gaping holes as if something had eaten through it. The pack was found a mile outside the blast crater still being held by the hand of its former owner. Investigations have since begun on its owner and the mystery surrounding his death. Since his remains were outside the blast radius and there were no burn marks cause of death is unknown. The only clue in that puzzle is the large footprint left near the scene. From what we can tell the subject was about eight feet tall and had talon like claws on its foot. Speculation as to what it could be from has left this investigator dumbfounded.


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