Parallel Universe

It feels like May went by in the blink of an eye.


I am currently reworking the archives system to implement some things you guys have been asking for, so if your stories are not listed under the game pages, that is why. I'm planning on adding some descriptions and categories for stories to give you all an idea of what you'll be reading. I am also going to be implementing the profiles into the blue tables of everything, and that will take some time.

The second major thing I am considering is creating a mailing list for fanfics, simply because things keep getting lost. The other reason for it is so that I have a way to contact all of you, writers and readers, about something like this instead of simply hoping you'll read it in my update.

If you would like to be on the mailing list - writers, it is really necessary to be a part of this, but readers, it's your choice - please send the following to:

Name (just your first name is ok if you find it necessary to keep your last name secret from me)

Alias (name you post fics or messages under)


Website URL

This will allow me to keep a file on everyone involved in fanfics, and make my updating of the archives a lot easier.

One last note: Please still submit fanfics to or

You can send any other mail/corrections/complaints to the new address, as that's where I'll be running the mailing list from.

Many, many thanks and big giant hugs to you all.


Fanfics of the Week
Title Game Author
The Little Green Mystic Chrono Trigger Michael Collins
The Rise of Ex-Death Final Fantasy V Michael Collins
The Wings of Time and Fate Chrono Trigger Michael Collins
The Thief Of Hell Final Fantasy VII Princess Artemis
The Ninth Silence Final Fantasy VII Princess Artemis
Timing Klaus Suikoden II Nik
Reunion At Greenhill Suikoden II Elyse Crawford
Behind The Visor Wild Arms Tifa9
Jealous Wild Arms Tifa9
Laguna Final Fantasy VIII Kate Lorraine
Never Whole Final Fantasy VIII Loa
Seeking Out The Truth Final Fantasy Tactics Morrigan
If Only Final Fantasy VII Elizabeth
The Choice Final Fantasy VI Elizabeth
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