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Game File and Type Contributor
Nectaris: Military Madness nectaris.gme: End of Game Vince Pisciotta
Opens all levels and a two-player mode.
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee oddworld.gme: End of Game Buzz
Save at the end of the game.
Ogre Battle ogrebattle.gme: End of Game Jason
Makes it possible to easily obtain the best ending. High Reputation meters and high alignment. Have all hidden items and visited all hidden towns. 50 hours worth of play.
PaRappa the Rapper parappa.gme: Full Unlock Doug
All stages and bonus stage unlocked.
Parasite Eve parasiteve.gme: End of Game, Interesting Scenes, and Powerful Character Robert Seibel
A Data file with ALL Days opened, so you can load anywhere in any day to see the movies or check on things you may have missed in your own games. Contains saves with the best items and maxed out weapons. Try the EX Game, start your own EX Game, or just play anywhere, any day, anyway you like.
  Persona 2: Innocent Sin persona2is.gme: End of Game and Powerful Character Libran Luna
Perfect for a Save Transfer to Eternal Punishment. This save file is at the end of the game right before the last boss. All the characters are level 99. Tatsuya's stats are all 99 except for his luck stat. The best Persona in the game. Persona's equipped include: Tatsuya - Lucifer (strongest in the game); Maya - Satan (second strongest in the game); Eikichi - Morte; Lisa/Ginko - Michael; Jun - Vishnu. Many more Persona in the Velvet Room including the "ultimate" Persona, Apollo, Hades, etc.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis re3.gme: End of Game Dark Sven
Game save right at the end.
SaGa Frontier II saga2.gme: End of Game Joseph Witham
A completed game save with all scenarios are available for play. You can choose your favorite scenario or go back and look for items you may have missed. You will also have access to over 60 pre-learned abilities. To access this save simply load the game, you will then return to the title screen, select new game and you will have access to every scenario!
Shadow Madness smadness.gme: End of Game Kevin Clancy
Stinger, Windleaf, and Harv-5 are almost to the last boss.
Silent Hill silenthill.gme: Interesting Scenes Jason
Save at all checkpoints in the game; before and after everything that happens, there is a save. 35 saves in this big one. Everything built up into a good ending and a gold Next Fear save.
Silent Hill silenthill-b.gme: Powerful Character Frank Bla
You start the game with the hyperblaster, you can take the katana in the first house where the door was closed, and you now have both the chainsaw and the rock drill. All four endings obtained.
Star Ocean 2 so2.gme: Powerful Character Sir Blaze
Two saves: One near Claude's end, and the other near Rena's beginning. Both are at level 255.
Suikoden suikoden.gme: Powerful Character Dave
This save is near the end of the game, in perfect position to get all 108 Stars of Destiny.
Suikoden suikoden108m.gme: Powerful Character and End of Game Skychrono
This save has all 108 stars and a character named "Matt," perfect to import into Suikoden II for a properly named hero. One game at the castle, the other at the last save point.
Suikoden II suikoden_2_gamesave_hacking.txt: Hacking Guide David Holmes
This guide instructs you on: Changing the amount of money your party has; Changing the time played (to complete the Clive subquest); Changing the name of your main character and McDohl (thus fixing the McDohl name bug), as well as your castle and army; Changing the stats of any character; Equipping or removing any rune on any character; Adding any item to your inventory; Putting any character in your party (including McDohl, either or both of the two Jowys, and both Valeria and Kasumi at the same time); Adding or removing any character on the Stone Tablet (and thus recruiting them).
Suikoden II suikoden2.gme: Powerful Character and End of Game Skychrono
Four saved games: right before you get McDohl; with only Hero and McDohl in party (able to get all endings); right before last boss; and with all 108 stars.
Suikoden II suik2tinto.gme: Interesting Scene Dragonmaster
During the mission at Tinto, just a bit before you choose whether to run away with Nanami or not.
Suikoden II suiko2.gme: Interesting Scene Sir Blaze
Two saves: one near the start of the game (with some characters not available until later) and a Lv. 99 crew in L'Renouille, ready for battle with the last boss.
Syphon Filter 2 syphon2.gme: End of Game and Interesting Scenes Quentin Reese
This save has the game already completed. You can use this save to go back to any mission in the game.
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo spf2t.gme: Full Unlock Michael Kelehan
All extras unlocked from Street Puzzle Mode.
Tactics Ogre tactogre.gme: End of Game Kevin Clancy
On the fourth chapter: all the Zenobians are in the group, Zapan is a Terror Knight, and Hell's Gate and Heigm are on the map.
Tactics Ogre tacticsogre.gme: Interesting Scenes PJ Marrer
Various save points in the first stages of the game.
Tales of Destiny tod.gme: End of Game homere
At the end with lots of channeling and the special tower completed.
Tales of Destiny tod-lilith.gme: Unlocked Secret Cless
A hacked save that starts you at the very first save point in the game. Your party is Stahn, Garr, and Lilith (Stahn's sister). Lilith is a "dummied" character that is normally impossible to get during a normal game (she's accessible in the Japanese version through a bug, though). This save should effectively prove that she still exists on the game CD. She fully-featured and has own unique set of attacks.
Tales of Destiny tod99.gme: Powerful Character and End of Game Sir Blaze
Two saves: near the beginning with an ultra powerful Stahn, and near the middle with a Lv. 99 party of Stahn, Garr, Rutee, Philia, and Lilith!
Thousand Arms thousandarms.gme: End of Game Colt Duncan
Three saves: one right before the last dungeon, one right before the last boss (but with the ability to return to the world map), and one at the last save point in the entire game. It is recommended you start playing from the first save at Boyzby and level up the characters.
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